And then there were 2….!

Hi all,

It’s been two weeks as a Google Summer of Code intern. Of course it hasn’t been without it’s stress and hassles but what can I say….it is the life we chose.

Well I have actually learnt a lot spring wise and Javascript in general wise. So far I have managed to get about 90% of my UI which is the first phase of my project.

In the coming weeks I intend to get into the back end….yeah the grunt stuff, the exciting stuff. I can’t wait seeing as this will be a completely new experience for building a REST API with Java(Spring framework) and consuming multiple REST APIs using Javascript (AngularJS framework). I will also be connecting my back-end to a MySQL database using probably Hibernate. Indeed what an exciting week coming up.

Again thanks to Mifos, my mentors(Omeri and Ayuk) and all the mates who have encouraged me in one or the other and last but the least the almighty for giving me this opportunity.

Wish me luck guys…


Daniel Carlson


2 thoughts on “And then there were 2….!

  1. WoW you’ll probably learn all programming languages in the course of this project. While I know you are totally above the task, I still wish you good luck

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