The Beginning…

Hi all,

Today, the 23rd of May 2016. Coding is to begin for the Google Summer of Code interns.

So am I ready to begin coding….?

Well I’ll say partly. Here is what I have been doing during the community bonding period.

  • Getting to know the technologies I will be using during the summer better.
  • Coming up with a scope document which will enable me write code straight to the point.

I believe I have though I am not as prepared as I would love to, I know I can see my project through especially with the help of my two great mentors Antony Omeri and Ayuk Etta.

Since I haven’t had a go ahead from both my mentors on my scope document and I haven’t fully mastered the Spring framework, I will begin coding on the UI

Tasks accomplished today:

  • Setup frontend app
  • Completed login page

Due to this program, I believe I will learn a lot and am looking forward to it.

Happy coding to y’all.



Daniel Carlson.


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