Before GSOC 2016…

Hey all,

I joined the Mifos X community late in 2015 at the request of my then boss and now mentor Mr Ayuk Etta. I was just starting out at Skylabase Ets(site) and was tasked with getting to learn and understand the Mifos X code base and customize the community app.

Upon joining the community, I was really impressed with how welcoming the mentors here were especially Ed Cable who helped a lot through my initial setup and with all of my issues.

I eventually with the help of a lot of the community members got setup and finished my customization.

After my customization, I stuck around the community, watching and learning how they carried out their activities. Eventually I was tasked with developing a self-service client application to be used alongside the platform. The UI was designed to some extent and the code put on a bitbucket repo here.

Eventually I found out that the Mifos X initiative was beginning a mobile application with ionic under the patronage of Terence Monteiro. Ed Cable told him about me and he gave access to the work they were doing. Again I was astounded at how easy it was to talk to the mentors. They discussed with me and explained anything I needed explaining about.

After fully understanding their goal which was to alleviate poverty in Africa, I decide I would like to become an active member of the community. This was a couple of weeks before Google announced the list of organizations and to my surprise but pleasure, the organization was there.

I then began to learn AngularJs, which I had started at some point in the past but stopped due to lack of projects to use this on. I had already studied the Java programming language in school(though not to a very good extent).

Making a long story short, after rejected pull requests(due to too many commits -asked to squash this by mentor – at the time didn’t understand what that meant :-). Google solved my problem though), resubmitted pull requests, community interactions, research and a little determination on my part, here I am…………….a GSOC 2016 intern.

How I look forward to contributing and working with this community.


Daniel Carlson.


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